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Meet Kelly.

Welcome to the Tipsy Pony! My name is Kelly and I have been a registered nurse for 14 years. I recently graduated with my master's as family nurse practitioner. After working 14 years as a nurse, working through a pandemic, and going to school for an extra 2.5 years I decided to try something a little more fun!! So, the Tipsy Pony mobile bar was born! We renovated a vintage horse trailer to provide a unique and rustic way to serve up some fun! We offer several packages, so to feel free to contact us so we can bring a unique spin to serving your favorite cocktails for weddings and events!


Since we were established in 2022, our goal at The Tipsy Pony has been to help our clients realize their unique and personal visions for their weddings and special events. We’re in the business of creating experiences you and your guests will want to remember forever. We believe that every element of your celebration should be special, including the bar services. Let the Tipsy Pony bring the fun to your event!

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